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God is doing so many things not only in Detroit, but in us as we serve in Detroit.  We try to capture a small portion of this in our blog.  Please click here to read our blog and hear how God is working in us, in Detroit, and Detroit Love.  During trips we often have posts from participants!




Over the years, we have have the opportunity to read many books on issues related to urban ministry.  We have had the privilege of walking groups through not only doing ministry, but also learning about many of the issues that impact our community and urban missions in a broader context.  These books represent a wide range of perspectives: from works of fiction that provide exposure to important and relevant themes often impact ministry, to different Christian perspectives on urban missions.  While we may not agree with all of the views represented in these books, we believe that they provide an important starting point for conversations to learn more about what God calls us to do in our city.




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