our partners.

People's Missionary Baptist Church - Pastor Lodge

After years of partnering with Rev. Bishop and the H.O.P.E. Baptist Center, the Center closed it doors.  We found ourselves without a place to run our kids' programs and more importantly, without a church partner.  Thankfully, People's Missionary Baptist stepped in to fill the void! We partner with People's to run our Big A program, as well as, identify community work projects that will further augment the church's ability to reach our community with the Gospel.




Reverend Bishop

There are honestly not words to describe the depth of wisdom Rev. Bishop has provided  to Detroit Love over our years in Detroit.  As the director of the H.O.P.E. Baptist Center, he taught us how to run kids' programs, share meals with the homeless community and love people well.  Rev. Bishop is a connector.  He knows everyone and is constantly working to connect Christians in the city so that united, we can better share the Gospel.  We are incredibly grateful for Rev. Bishop, or as our kids call him, "Brother Bishop".

Woodside Bible Church

For so many years we prayed for a well-equipped church that shared our heart for the people in our neighborhood.  A few years ago, God provided Pastor Tim Holdridge and Woodside Detroit.  Tim's heart to share God's love with Detroit and his energy and enthusiasm are truly an answer to prayer. While our partnership is in the early stages, we are excited to see where God is taking us!